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Providing WIFI & Cybersecurity Solutions

Whether you’re looking to optimize an existing network, deliver enterprise WiFi from the ground up, or protect your Data from cyber threats, AMIS provides the professional IT consulting and enterprise support for your business needs.

AMIS Provides

WIFI Solutions


Stabilize Your Existing WiFi


Need help addressing WiFi performance issues? AMIS will analyze your existing network and create a customized stabilization plan to ensure you get the most out of your current WiFi investment.

Cybersecurity Solutions

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Cybersecurity Central Management


In the digital world, ensuring your Data is safe should be your main priority. If you are a business in any industry, let us help you ensure your organizations Data and your customers data stays secured. AMIS will perform a Risk Assessment and provide best controls to reduce your Risk of a cyber attack.

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All in one, enterprise WiFi

Zero upfront costs, flexible deployment options.

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Why Choose AMIS



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Best IT Solutions

Our organization is driven to provide value to your organization. Our key goals are to reduce downtime by delivering the best Network Infrastructure via Juniper MIST Networks and protecting your data by delivering our AMIS Cybersecurity Framework pulled from the top Cybersecurity Frameworks. 

~Jose Alvarado 

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Ready For A Deep Dive?

Let us introduce you to one of our Sr. Network Architects.

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