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Managed Information Security Services

Cybersecurity Compliance

Endpoint Protection

When free antivirus is not enough to protection against this new wave of cyber threat actors. Concerned with losing your data during a cyber attack? Let us support you in ensuring your data is always available so that you may continue to do business, by backing up your data, patching vulnerabilities and containing an attempted cyber attack.

Video Call

Remote and Hybrid Workforce Security

Your staff is no longer in their office, your computer systems and data are in various locations. How are you managing all the threats that face your data and computer systems? Alvarado Managed IT Services has solutions for you to ensure your data is safe, allowing your organizations to be flexible so that it may grow.

Email Protect

Are you facing hundreds and even thousands emails attempting to lure you and your staff into replying revealing business sensitive information? Let us support you in stopping those phishing emails.


Backup and Disaster Recover

Protect your computer systems by backing their data. During a disaster backups are essential to get your business back to operations. Alvarado Managed IT Services provides a full service to protect, detect and respond to cyber threats and ensuring your systems are restored.

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